Lost 4 pounds!

Finally started losing some damn weight! Eating healthy plus working out every other day! 6 more pounds to go!

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one day!
DAY 1 clean eating LUNCH

Day 1 of my 7 day clean eating challenge . Lunch: Healthy Gyro which included tomato, a little bit of feta cheese, lean turkey, spinach, and some healthy italian dressing

and im off to they gym:)

Clean eating! Beach body here I come!

Day 1 of clean eating!!  Break Fest burrito with lean turkey and egg in a whole wheat tortilla! plus an apple

Arm work out+ rollerskating outside today;)

Wish me luck on my weight loss journey !

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Every brunette needs a blonde best friend;)
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Ain’t that the truth

My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!

James FRANCO? love you and ur lil bro Dave

Im a Seattle girl. and i love my coffeeeee. but most of all I love my 2 barista’s who work at the coolest coffee shop ever, WHO knew guys were so good at making a damn good cup of coffee;) Cant wait to see them in the morning!

love this. clean casual white
Shoot,I wouldn’t mind having a room like this

Blake Anderson

I love you Blake Anderson! Going to Cali soon! Praying that I run into him!

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